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A Three-Ring Circus

A Three-Ring Circus

A murder mystery changes the lives of the Carter brothers. In pursuit of the truth the Carter brothers change their opinions on life. They learn to love, to trust and also to hate someone. Owen Carter, the eldest among the brothers hates superficial girls who lust after him. Mrs. Parker is his new secretary whom he had selected after a lot of consideration because he believes that she is meticulous and mature. But who knows that the actual scenario will be veryyyy much different. *********************** "Mrs. Parker.... Please tell the planning department to submit another proposal. Tell them... Stress my words!!! Tell them not to burn a hole in my pocket by submitting these kind of proposals another time". Mrs. Parker stood there for a long time before asking carefully, "Sir, You did not tell which pocket? the left one or the Right one? the front ones or the back ones?" "............." Owen questions his thoughts on his life. ************************* Blake Carter enjoys life to the extreme. He believes that he is born for the sake of girls. ************************* Blake believing in his charms goes to the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. In the bar he approaches the girl by donning his most charming smile. "Hey babe.. Do you mind if I take a seat?" Without waiting for her answer he approaches a chair opposite to her. She stretches her legs and places them on it. When he try to sit on the chair beside her, she pours the drink in her hand on it. When he try to take the last chair shamelessly she gets up leisurely. "All yours...." Arya left after playing with him. Blake's confidence is shaken for the first time in his life. ************************* Max Carter is a shut in. He hates when people invades his privacy the most. ************************** Max is changing in his room. He takes off his Tshirt and is about to take off his pants when he hears a sharp shriek. He is shocked to see a girl in his wardrobe. And then he became furious. "What are you doing????" he roared at his new neighbour. "I came to see whether you are a pervert." Ms. Arnold says righteously. "........" Max is speechless. 'You are the one who ran into my apartment. You are the one who hid in my wardrobe. And lastly you are the one who was watching while I was changing. Why am I the pervert here?' **************************** The three brother's choices of life are questioned by the three women and their lives become a three ring circus. Will they accept Love when it comes knocking on the door? Or they push aside love and escape the torment. ............................................................................................................ Eliza goes missing one day in mysterious circumstances. Later the news that Eliza is dead brings devastation upon her family. Her family blames Eliza's friend, Buttercup. Can Eliza's murder mystery be unraveled? Who is the murderer? Who is Buttercup? What is her relation with the three women? Can she extract revenge from Eliza's murderer? Read my novel to know the secrets. This novel is a compilation of mystery, Fun, Love and revenge. Give this novel a chance guys.. Also guys I stress my words... the first 100 or so chapters will be purely fun. only later the mystery begins... the chapters maybe silly but who does not want to laugh a bit. right? please don't judge the book so early.. And give it a try...

LOVE097 ยท Contemporary Romance