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Under Hiatus

Under Hiatus

Cider, a mere Level designer assistant for an otome game, Thorny Roses, was vexed to find that the development team altered the role and characterization of her character, Cynthia Darlene Aletheia, into a villainess. Disappointed about the injustice Cynthia must have felt all throughout the game, Cider wished for another chance to change her character's fate. Unexpectedly, Cider becomes the villainess herself and and walks down a dark path as she struggles to survive. Cover by: Liphy Updates: Weekly

Mellize · Historical Romance
Wishful Promises

Wishful Promises

After being murdered by her childhood friend, she got reincarnated in a world of her favorite novel: Wishful Promises. As if the betrayal she experienced in her past life wasn't enough, she is now living inside a novel filled with tragedies and death flags of her favorite characters. What's worse? She's only a minor character! What path awaits her as she tries to defy her fate in a world where females are looked down upon?

AnairaG72 · Fantasy Romance
Fangs Of Death

Fangs Of Death

Coming Soon: Mid-September

SinkingShips · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings