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The Beginning

Wartime The Beginning

Wartime is a war between mankind and goblin. This story tells about an epic battle that will changes the world. Horoku, a solo fighter who only fight for himself and try to find answers about his identity. Horoku is a 17 year old boy wearing a black hooded jacket, black hair and brown eyes who is a surviver after the war begin. He is a boy who don't really trust everyone so easy and don't like to be in any troops. He fight only to find answer about his identity. He only have a spear and a sword made of crystal by the Elves. Luna, a 17 year old black haired girl wearing jacket without hood and a mage follow Horoku, her friend. She has a crush on Horoku without his notice and followed by Yamada, Horoku closes friend. Yamada is a boy same year as Horoku and Luna. A man wearing a white armor with a red cape on his back with white hair. But, he's about to do something ugly to all of mankind, Elves and Mage. Ayabe, same age to the three of them but an Elve. Brown haired and wearing a black armor and also cousin to Horoku. He is a leader and a king to the hidden kingdom that is about to rise soon. This is a story about a boy...a boy that is about to save his family and save the world. Will he have the courage to take act?

Fahmi_Vboy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings