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She Who Wears Her Mask

Haylin Jaze Costa and Lucas Dale Dela Fuente are bounded to be married. It's that simple. But everything went chaotic when the parents of Haylin died on the day before their wedding. Can they fall in love in the midst of finding answers? Or the mask that they're wearing will hinder all the true feelings they have for each other. Let's witness how the truth will unravel and how the impure intentions will be changed by the so called "love".

VeilaHails · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Once Upon A Happy Ending

Chaos is a prince Hope is a princess There parents set them up for an arranged marriage. Hope is madly in love with Chaos but he doesn't feel the same way.

Ems_imagination · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Endtimes

Suddenly there was a mini earthquake, big lights flashing. When that stoped there where clothes fallen everywhere, mothers where screaming in horror, people looking around for there loved ones like crazy. I start panicking so I call out to my siblings and friends. Read to find out what had happened! I’ll try upload a chapter per week. Enjoy!

viking877 · Teen
Not enough ratings