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Breaking Chains

Breaking Chains

She may have hacked off her chains from the wall. She may have escaped them, and might have a chance at living.  But the clasps are still weighing down on her wrists. And the links rattle as they drag across the floor. They echo loudly, sending warnings of her approach. People scurry away. So it's time she learns how to hide them. The chains don't rattle as she walks; the warning bells don't ring. The metal is trapped behind layers of deception. But blood trails is still behind her, and leave their tracks and debris. Maybe it's time to finally hack off those chains. ------------------------------------ on hiatus(editing ongoing) due to irl problems.

asphyxia778 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings
Tangled Fates

Tangled Fates

Can a bad person become better? She agrees to kill the White Demon to get her curse lifted, but she falls in love with him instead. The beautiful twenty-year-old Karen Fokt is the heiress of Sailon Inc, the richest trading company in Tiegan. Guys want to date her and girls want to be friends with her. She has a perfect life… until she ignores a beggar in an attempt to hide from the violent typhoon destroying the city; an act which seals her fate forever. Karen wakes up in a mystical place surrounded by Immortals. As punishment, the Eternal Court sends her back to a place where humanity is at the mercy of the long-forgotten Gongsun Dynasty. Facing the challenges of that time period, she’s forced to kneel and obey if she wants to survive. But soon she realizes she REALLY isn't ordinary. ***Cover image found on Pinterest, unknown artist.

RozaCsergo · Fantasy Romance