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Transported In Another World As A LoL Summoner

Transported In Another World As A LoL Summoner

Shun Kurosaki a normal highschool student suddenly got transported to another world of swords and magic with no hints at all. When he arrived he noticed a book right next to him and found out from the book that he became a summoner. Hearing that he got isekai'd a dream of every Otaku and Gamers he suddenly noticed a catch I his summoning "He can only summon League Of Legends Champions!" Follow Shun's journey in a world of fantasy and witness how he interacts with the champions from League of Legends credits to #Riot games League of legends team (Picture not mine. but the edit is mine. just saw it on Google. if the original artist saw this. pls tell me so that I can put the credit to you)

Moe_Cyan_Pile · Fantasy