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Enki was the child born from the sun. He was a seed planted into the earth created by the seven most powerful Sumerians. Enki isn’t allowed to be around children since no one on earth understands how powerful he is yet. His adoptive mother, who is the highest ranking citizens of “violet”, runs test on him to see if he is a danger to society. He is also placed into simulations to suppress his want of interacting with kids his age. After meeting the person he adores the most, Enki realizes there is a strong evil being already on earth. Growing and training alongside Enki, waiting until it’s time to strike. The evil being was born from the moon and the beings polar opposite to the creators of the universe. They are the destroyers of the universe. How will Enki handle having to save the universe? Enki was shielded from the world. He wasn't allowed to do many things since Sasha, the luminary of council, didn't think it would be safe for him to interact with the world without him being able to control his power. Malhadura, Enki's inspiration showed Enki the world and so much more. The Awakening of Enki woke up something purely evil that was waiting on Enki to fully mature. The elite seven has to team back up in order to fight this force of evil that was larger than expected. Enki is not sure who to trust since all his life he has been lied to. Enki is the only one who can determine whether the world is to be ran be good, or ran by evil. Enki meets Violet and Vulcan. His first two friends.

KennedyRandall · Fantasy
Not enough ratings