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The Legend of Rudra

The Legend of Rudra

In the ancient times of Bharata, the society was divided into four varnas: Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishyas and Sudras. These varnas decided the social standing of a person by birth where Brahmana being the one with the highest standing and Sudras with the lowest social standing. Born in Sudra varna to a laborer with black skin color, hated, discriminated and abused by higher varnas of the society. Hear the story of Rudra, who after being robbed of his family, left alone to die in a forest filled with Rakshasa, Yakshasa and Pishachs alike rises in power gained by blood and sweat. As he sacrifices and moves forward in his thirst for power to re-write his destiny and becomes a legend forgotten in the epic of the Mahabharata. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Join me on discord:- https://discord.gg/VVQMnm P. S. Cover is not mine. If you want me to take it down. Please contact me or post it in reviews.

ForgottenLife · Fantasy
Unreal:Ancestral Records

Unreal:Ancestral Records

THE WORLD, 2000 YEARS AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE EARTH.............. A world where Yogis and Yoginis activate and nurture their 7 chakras that are located from the top of their heads to their abdomens to ascend to higher dimensions. They absorb the energies of their surroundings and improve their physique. These superhumans form the first tire of the society and rule it. A world where power and money dominate everthing, even human lives A 17-year-old boy, tricked by his father into poverty. Mother in depression due to this incident. Lower-half of his body paralyzed Rises to be a status equivalent to a celestial, with the help of his will, determination, and Ancestral Records left by his grandpa

garud · Magical Realism
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