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The CEO's Rented Wife

The CEO's Rented Wife

When Lina's brother gets into debt and is held captive by Chinese Mafia, Lina is tangled in a deal with an elderly lady . She has to make Mr. Wang, a wealthy fashion designer, fall in love with her and marry her. Mr. Wang has a work obsession and is generally hard-to-please. Will Lina be able to make Mr. Wang fall in love with her? ------- This lighthearted RomCom will satisfy you for almost eternity. The story line and the character description is almost too catchy and it will surely get stuck in your head. Any instance of conflict is quickly followed up with comic relief or swoon-worthy romance. All of these cheerful elements are written for an easy-going reading pleasure of the readers. Tags: RomCom, Love Story, Hidden Gem, Funny Story, Cute Romance, Comedy, CEO Wife, CEO Love Story, Female Protagonist, Futuristic Setting

LiNa_Author · Contemporary Romance