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The CEO's Kidnapped Bride

"I'm interested as long as we don't engage in any physical contact that would lead to sex or the act itself. As your temporary future wife, I can tolerate hugs, pecks, and holding hands. Anything more intimate than that will get you a kick in the balls just like what happened yesterday. I will raise the 'pain intensity' every time you violate my personal space without a valid reason." He flashed me a smile that would make ladies swoon. "I consider myself warned by a bloodthirsty wench." Good. "I'm not allowed to have a sidepiece, right?" He raised an eyebrow. "Side-piece?" "Boyfriend." I trailed off as a flush crept across my cheeks. Would I dare, though? Darius's lips tightened as if he's contemplating something. He finally spoke up after what seems like an eternity, looking serious as hell. "Not while you're married to me. Perfect little wife, remember?" "She can be the perfect little wife if she hides the side-piece well," I whispered, challenging him. "We're not even married yet and you're already thinking of cheating?" "I will not cheat, Darius. How about you?" Clamping my lips in amusement, I leaned forward to the table. "Can you remain celibate for years for the sake of this perfect husband image and your inheritance?" Our knees knocked together under the table, sending electric aftershocks on my skin. Darius flinched at the contact. Did he feel it too? "I'll be discreet." So, it's okay for him to seek other women and I'm not allowed to seek men for my pleasure? "Exactly. I'll be discreet." I emphasized the word 'I'. I pushed away my plate. I just lost my appetite. "But why do you have to look for another man when I'm already here?" He reasoned out as he stared deep into my eyes. "I can give you sex." I choked in my drink and almost spat on his face. In my effort not to, I coughed uncontrollably. "No sex." I tightened my fist, trying to stay calm. I didn't want to give him a lecture about gender inequality when I needed his money to survive. "Make it clear in the contract, Darius. I don't mix business with pleasure. Understand?" "Maybe I'll just have to tempt you, then." Darius' voice was deep and husky I can't help but shiver at its promise of ecstasy in them. He moved towards me and gripped my armchair.  His grip wasn't strong but it has no intention of letting go. "Would you want me to?"

Parisian_Moon · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Personal Surgeon

“Is it true? You’re going to keep me, your daughter, captive if I don’t do the surgery?” Hong Shu-hwa had hoped with all her heart that this was just her older sister’s mischief and her mom...well, was still her mom. But never could she imagine in her wildest dream, it had all been true. So, was she supposed to just watch as her older sister snatched her identity, dream and her most important wish – Park Min Jae? How would the real-world Rapunzel accomplish her dreams and take back everything that had been robbed from her? How would she protect her loved ones?

yaejin · Contemporary Romance

Handsome and Haunting Series: Degree of Fate


Anastasianjali · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings