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That Mysterious Guy

That Mysterious Guy

Deana Reynolds is a famous Vlogger in the Philippines. She was known for her adventures and good deeds in less fortunate children. But being a famous celebrity, gossips and rumors will be her last name. But the most painful and disappointing, is her very own boyfriend lose faith in her. ~~~~~ Jason Estrada. Meeting Deana is love at first sight. To able get close to her, he began following her and stalking her. She said yes when he courted her and proposes to her. However, his family company is on the verge of bankruptcy. His mother decided on his marriage and arranged it with her best friend's daughter. Pressed between his family and the woman he loves, he needs to make a choice. ••••• Spencer Lenzburg Anthony. At the age of the early 30s, he proves that he can save the company he inherited from his grandparent's business, Anthony's Group of Companies in the Philippines, leaving behind being an heir of the House Lenzburg. He witnesses how she get through growing up when life keeps knocks her down. Unconsciously, he becomes overprotective-assuming-big-brother to her. ~~~~~ Hiding Behind the Scenes... she annoyingly hates this guy for always been shadowing her. She wanted to have freedom on her own but can she really escape? When he is a reliable Hero she cannot ask for more. * * * "MY STUBBORN MISTRESS" presents "That Mysterious Guy" Can't get enough CEOs? Then welcome to another CEO Fever! hehehe * * * Notice: If you immediately check the Chap 1, you can skip that and jump to its English translation in Chapter 2... so on, the rest is written in English. Welcome and Thanks! Add me on discord for interaction: Elise_Elleneth#8761 Anyone interested, Join my Discord Server! DM me for invite requests. Thanks! ^_^ Disclaimer: Photo credited to its rightful owner...

Elise_Elleneth · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings
Hiding the CEOs: Mr.  and Mrs.  Stone (Power Couple of the Decade)

Hiding the CEOs: Mr. and Mrs. Stone (Power Couple of the Decade)

Mr. and Mrs. Stone - the decade's power couple have always appeared cold and distant. With their chubby figures and alluring voices, they command the two best business empires around the region. But to everybody's surprise, one day the power couple disappeared only to find out that both have only been actors for five years. The news spread fast that even the real Mr. and Mrs. Stone have been hiding from each other even from the day of their marriage. The hunt for the real Mr. and Mrs. Stone begins.

BloodMoondust · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings