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Mystical Awakening Online (CPN)

Mystical Awakening Online (CPN)

It was called the technology that changed the world. The «Nervous System Synchronization», or «NervSy2nc», [Pronounced, Nerve Sync]. It fundamentally changed how society interacted with the digital world; information, data exchange, and the internet were altered with the release of the NervSy2nc. The «NervSy2nc», a device that allowed man to physically feel, and connect their minds to information network through the neuropathic systems. These systems connect each device to the synapses that connect neurons together, and then connect those pathways to the information Highway. This technology brought man into a new age of understanding, and technological advancement. With the birth of the «NervSy2nc» Most physical mediums - cellphones, computers, and handheld devices - became obsolete. Medicine made leaps in bounds in both diagnosis, and treatment of a wide variety of diseases and illnesses. Though the use of the «NervSy2nc», with enough money advanced Skills, and techniques could be learned in days, directly uploading the skills to the mind. Languages could be processed, and understood near instantaneously. Memories, and vast amounts of data could be stored, retrieved, or removed within minutes. Along with the development of the technology came «Quantum Super Computing» and the eventually development of «Virtual Intelligence», programs designed with near life like qualities. Through development of the «NervSy2nc» and «Quantum Super Computing», special «Virtual Intelligence Programs» called «Per.S.O.N.A», or «PERsonal System Operating Neuropathic Anima/Animus» were created with the intent to assist in information flow and management. Each «Persona» could be told to restrict, and block incoming harmful junk data, while accessing and sorting potentially helpful data. Each «VI» was designed with a multitude of forms, personalities, and voice data. In this new digital age of information and data exchange, a new use for this technology emerged, changing the face of gaming forever; the «R.E.M.D.» or «Rapid Eye Movement, Dive System» - often referred to as «Dream Gaming» - came to be. R.E.M. Diving allowed players to place their mind in a virtual body, while their physical body slept, placing oneself in an artificial, vivid, and lucid dream. This technology allowed games to reach new heights by directly placing the player into the game, with little to no side side effect. The Development of this technology- «NervSy2nc» and «Dream Gaming» all stemmed from, Rin Maurus. Rin Maurus in turn continued to take his technology to new heights. He created a single game that linked all genres and styles, while doing what was before an impossibility, linking the entire world through this game and many others. He created quantum network servers to link all servers of the world together seamlessly. This created a new virtual world that was much larger than our own, that was traversable from one sever to another without a break in connection. Millions upon millions of players worldwide have joined this game, leading to a membership count of over two billion. In this fictional world anything was possible; Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and Social platforms. All became possible; in this world you could do anything or be anyone you wanted. This is the world built by the genius, Rin Maurus.

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