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A collection of poems that tell dark, truthful, modern, and powerful stories from a universal perspective.

Raethyn · Fantasy Romance
A Dream Series Novel

Beastmode A Dream Series Novel

She's a new transfer student that just crossed into her sorority that spring before she left California. She loves to dance and does photoshoots from time to time in order to build up her portfolio. She has high hopes of becoming a print model since she was too short to be on the runway. She never knew why but she has always been drawn to the nightlife, hence why she became a bartender. All she wanted to do was get her degree in business ( with a minor in communications) and open up her own nightclub. She was positively sure that was all she wanted until she met Lamarkus Bentley... He's only focused on two things: graduating with honors and building up his already successful production company Bentley Entertainment. A highly sought after playboy and frat boy, he's not looking for a relationship. Let him tell it, between his royal duties and his career,love is unnecessary. Casual sex, that he could do to an extent. Love and romance were the last things on his mind until he laid eyes on Maria Price...

Kesi_Bolden · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings
Rigel, the little star

Rigel, the little star

After losing her father, Rigel became an adopted sister of seven noble men. She was loved and adored being the youngest amongst them all. But what will she do when she came to know that the people she trusted the most have been lying to her all this time?

poeteuphoric · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings