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Chasing after a nobody

I woke up one day and realized that, I, Helena Lu, lived inside a novel. The novel was about the love story between a second class actress who will later become famous in the industry and a wealthy businessman who falls deeply in love with the hardworking actress. Cliché, right? Anyway, it was the typical novel I loved to read in my previous life. Then, what was my role? Was I the female lead? The Villainess? An extra? I was none of them. I didn't even got a name in the novel. I was an extra who followed another extra who also was friend with an extra. Basically, I was a nobody. But, it's fine by me. I didn't want the trouble that followed the female lead, nor the bad reputation of the villainess. Alright. Since I know the plot, I’ll just live my life without crossing path with the main characters. I have a successfull career, money, a nice home and my family is really good to me. What else do I need? I just wanted to live my life in peace, so why is the richest man in the city, known to be as cold as an ice cube, chasing after a nobody like me!? * * * [EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL] "Hey, what -...?" Tang Weishen ignored her to put his right hand on her chin. He moved her face to each side, eyes completely focused on the smooth white skin. Then, his long fingers went up to brush her bangs to the side the side of her face. His expression darkened as his thumb swiped the corner of her left eye, caressing the seductive mole carefully. He felt dried tears on her skin. He looked like he had something to say, but choose not to. The man resumed his action, patting her head, cheeks and neck. Helena showed resistance when his hand started to unbutton her blouse. "... Your hands!" He took both of her wrists in one and carefully removed the frabric. Her pearly white skin was flushed, heavy mounds coming up as she squirmed under his stare. Sharp dark eyes dropped to her sides, where several dark bruises were seen. They looked painful and feeling her wince when an index grazed the pink skin did nothing to appease his anger. The more she pushed his hand, the more it fueled the man's fury. Helena pushed his finger's away, wanting nothing but cover her body from his scorching gaze. She tried not to wince when she felt sudden throb. The pain was intense but it was always better than getting locked by the scum who brought her here. Helena shivered when she realized that she was able to avoid what had nearly happened because Tang Weishen had picked up her call. It was supposed to happen. Not to her, but to Lili, the original female lead. Helena thought back to the original plot. She remembered that somewhere inside the novel, Lili would face this kind of situation and suffer a deep traumatism. 'Why did it change?' She had done nothing to change the original plot so far. She didn't encounter the main characters, didn't try to change any original event and it couldn't be considered that she changed her role as she didn't even appear inside the novel... Her thoughts were cut off when she felt her body crush something hard. She barely registered Tang Weishen's arms around her nor his chin on top of her head. "Tang Weishen?" She could hear his fast heartbeat. He was breathing hard, as if he had been running a marathon. Confused, she tried to remove herself from his grip but the more she struggled, the more he thightened his grip on her. They stayed like that, both body pressed to the other, until Tang Weishen released her to dress her up silently. Helena knew, just from his clenched jaw and frowns that she could not erase whatever was happening inside his brain. Tang Weishen let one of his hand brush the mole under her left eyes and traced her delicate features with his finger. His voice was not above a whisper. "One bruise, one finger." He was still stroking her face tenderly and his face seemed relaxed but his eyes was a different story. They looked murderous.

myasmin · Contemporary Romance
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