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The Summer Before High School

**This story is based on real time and people.** This story takes place in Garden Grove, California where a group of teenagers who has a close friendship with each other since childhood, although they are in different grade levels (at the same High School). Some of them are Seniors, some are Juniors, some are Sophomores and the remaining of them are Freshmen’s in High School. Their summer starts off a rocky start shortly after Randy and Ivy’s families goes visit their farms in Sacramento, California leaving the rest of their friends behind for the time while they’re gonna be in Sacramento with their families. Both Randy and Ivy has no clue that their friends are going to plan a surprise for them when they come back to Southern California from their trip... What’s their friends surprise for Randy and Ivy? Will their group of friends end because some are going to college? Or is it because some of them ends up dating with other people...? Read the rest of the story to find out what happens to the gang of childhood best friends!

Ivy_Thanh16 · Teen
Not enough ratings