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Causality Intervention Academy

Suddenly, Humanity faced the necessity to travel through dimensions when Causality flaws, started to threat their own reality, caused by probability errors in other dimensions, that correlated to their own. The investment in magical pursuit and technological knowledge on dimensional travel was massive, but it couldn't be done remotely, human intervention was needed in other dimensions, and in large scale. So, The Causality Intervention Academy was founded, with the objective being to form generations of Intervenors, or Causality Hunters, which study and train to hunt and destroy the flaws on multiple dimensions. By finishing jobs, they not only assured their whole existence, but also, their affords were not unpaid, but instead, greatly rewarded! As the Intervenors completed their tasks, Causality would gift them unique abilities, skills, guns, weaponry, knowledge, equipment and armor! And so, the Academy quickly rose to a top class facility, that many look forward to!

BambooDealer ยท Fantasy
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