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Catastrophe Prince and the Blade of a Thousand blood

Golden eyed prince is ment to die, they are not a blessing they are cursed prince of hell? that's what they say But what if I tell you that a prince born to be a Catastrophe is a Yin and Yang of heaven and hell! after so many generations of Kings killing prince with a golden eyes, one prince survived and had a son named Fei Jin, the Catastrophe Prince that everyone fears Fei Xu saved Fei Jin and brought him to the temple of Dragons where he is raised by Shao Qi a noble man and a wind dragon, however things took turn as the prince was born and the news spread place after place, the current emperor Lin dealt with the devil and plans on waking the Lord of Hell Yuzu but after Jin returned back to the palace, he finally began to face the devil of his kind with his wife Rong Yunxi

Zer0_ArtAngel ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings