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The Guardian [English]

The Guardian [English]

They traveled to another world through a virtual reality machine created by a God, in what they thought for a long time was just a game, but ended up being real. They went through a 'Great Cataclysm' that changed the world through magical energy, which transformed the world in an unthinkable way. It has been thirty years since humanity faced the virtual reality machine and twenty years after the 'Great Cataclysm' which awakened abilities and started a magical and wonderful world very different from the old one. Now a young woman arrives in a city in the middle of the sea to attend an academy. What is her objective? What is the reason for her arrival? And mainly... Who is she? Follow the adventure of Aurora whose life, values, and attitude will be known in due course, along with her past, secrets, virtues, and defects. **** Welcome! I have decided to publish the story in English even though it is not my main language. So despite my efforts, you may find some mistakes. For those who want to encourage themselves to read it in Spanish, they can go to my profile, where it is in Spanish. Although the first volume with 205 chapters is complete in Spanish, I don't know how many chapters will be published per day in English. However, depending on the circumstances, some will be published each week, as it is difficult to translate it into English. The circumstances are whether it is well received or not... Since I will put different effort depending on that. Note: I use a translator, but I correct my poor knowledge of the language. Enjoy! *** Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Modern World, Magic Frequency: Depends on the circumstances mentioned above.

Evil_Warlord · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings