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Game of Royals : A Commoner’s Journey

Life takes a turn for Jack when, out of a good deed, he saves a girl from a group of bandits. It turns out that the Girl is the Princess of the Annville Empire! Impressed by Jack, the King appoints him as a soldier in the castle. Can Jack survive the castle politics while at the same time he unexpectedly falls in love with the Princess ?! Jack starts experiencing the castle life, after he has joined the Annville Army as a soldier. Showing his skills and talents, he quickly becomes one of the nobles of the palace. Unexpectedly, he also falls in love with the Princess, Julie, who is the rightful heir of Annville Empire. However the other castle officials are not happy with the growing influence of Jack. Can Jack survive the tricks and traps of these evil castle nobles and marry the love of his life ? A story filled with Action, Romance and suspense!

Syed_Taha_Hussain · Fantasy