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Claudia : Destined wife of the Emperor

" I believe that two people are connected by their heart.No matter who they are, what they do or where they live , there are no boundaries or barriers, if they are destined to be together" How does it feel to be abandoned on the wedding day by the one who you love the most? How does it feel to hear " you are an orphan " when you thought you are a princess in the prestigious family. And why, after calling me shameless, vixen , schemer, slutty women you are still chasing me ,force me to be your lover. Do you expect me to take revenge or something for abandoning me? OR Do you expect me to be your lover? NEVER Why should I waste my time on taking revenge on someone who is jerk to me?... Why should I be your lover when I am the only bride( empress) of the great majesty and who the hell are you to call me orphan when I am the sole heir of the powerful kingdom! So what I lost my love, Can't I allowed to love again. So what one who abandoned me is a great men, he is just a mere ant in the eyes of my emperor. ************** "Mei Hui,You are what a bitch,with a angelic face how well you schemed to be my wife", Chen Zhihang abandoned her on her wedding day. " How urgent for you people to make an orphan as lady Chen", Father Chen enraged towards father Mei. " Why do you have everything even though you are an orphan", her cousin whispered in her ears. ********************* ' Don't go ..wake up...come into my arms'...Mei Hui couldn't understand why she was hearing a strange and familiar voice calling her.. *********************** " Don't try to escape from me anymore", he whispered in her ears by pressing her against the wall.... ' How come the man in my dream and this tyranical president looks similar' Mei Hui was surprised... *********************** " whoever dares to disrespect or try to court my empress must rot in hell" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a novel about fantasy kingdom in the modern world. ************** The cover pic doesn't belong to me.

Tia_Tia_1008 ยท Fantasy Romance
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