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The World of Angelique Tsukishima

“ I don’t wish to meet him. He can stay wherever he is”. The girl says to her mom. “ How was school? Did something happen?” The mom asked her daughter. “ There’s this boy who saved me today. I’m truly grateful to him”. The girl said with a slight smile on her face. “ Why don’t you introduce that boy to me? I’d like to thank him personally”. The mom asked her daughter in an interrogative tone. “ Okay!” The girl agreed to her mom’s request. “ The World of Angelique Tsukishima” relates to the story of Angelique Tsukishima, a lonely girl who lives in her world of illusions. She’s very shy and also clumsy. The sadness always accompanies her everywhere. She doesn’t find pleasure in anything. Her heart is cold as ice and nothing can melt it. That was until the day a transfer student got transferred into her school unexpectedly. Her life won’t ever be the same after that. This story will cover many topics like growing up and accepting oneself. It’ll be slightly dark and happy moments will be composed as well. The story will evolve according to its characters and growth. If this is your cup of tea, do give it a try and stay with us until the end of this journey. PS: The cover isn't mine. It belongs to their respective artists.

Dominique1412 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings