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Amelia, a filial 17 years old daughter to her parents met Damian, who is a well-known businessman in the country. After a one night stand happened, Amelia soon found out she was pregnant. Terrified of her parents knowing, she considers an abortion...but? --------------------------- ctto. the owner of the background is not me. I just edited it. PS. I'm really really really really bad at making summaries so I often change it. Please don't be too confused. Hope you enjoy the story.

Elephteria · Teen
My brother's friend

My brother's friend

Tang An is a high school student about to graduate. But everything changes when her brother's friend moves in. Battling with trauma from home, she tries to overcome her family challenges but when an unknown secret is exposed, can Tang An survive its consequences or will she die at fates hands?

Nzoputa · Romance