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Legendary Player

In this interview, we will play 30 seconds Q&A games. I will ask you questions, and you only need to answer fast without much thinking, okay? "Okay Shoot all your questions. Hahaha." Okay, we start now! Win or Lose? "I choose Win." Egoistic or Humble? "Humble. I carry the name of my country, the club, and my parents on my shoulder." Attack or Defense? "Attack." Simple or Complex? "I like to play simple football. So yeah." Defender or Midfielder or Striker? "Everyone has their own favorite position. For me its Striker." Dribbling or Passing? "Passing." Assist or Goal? "Hmm.. This is difficult. I go with assist." Champion League or Premier League? "Premier League is more important for the Club. Champion League will come soon. Hahaha." Premier League or World Cup? "Every player at least wants to win the World Cup. The feeling to represent your country is something else unlike playing in the league. But reality is more harder than that." Messi or Ronaldo? "Messi." What is your exact style? "My style is more to Complete Forward." That's all. Thank you Abdul Azim. " Yeah welcome."

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