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Noble Capture

Of all the horrors and distress of war, there is nothing like when royalty is captured. Princess Anya Elizabeth Mary Coventry faced that fate when a band of Scottish knights captured her. Clan chief Caelan MacDonnell will do anything to seek vengeance for his parents' death, even starting a war. Fate is many things, but cruel. Caelan does not know the young lass in tattered clothes is his sworn enemy's daughter, and Anya will like to keep it that way. If you are not prepared for battle, don't start a war. Both will have to realize that there is something greater than vengeance and freedom. Love

Fairyanna_Books · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings


After a young woman with a twisted dream carries out her plan to further the human body, those who finally find the strength to break from their torture-trance come to be tested with their freedom and bravery.

godeeperthanthat · Contemporary Romance
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