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Joy and Happiness

Joe Chen is not a handsome guy, but is always mistaken as one.... David Ji is the best friend who made it that way because of a silly friendship vow.... Joe secretly loves her best friend.... Kenji Ji saw Joe despite her handsome facade and had loved her for years.... Christine Wei came into the picture because she fell in love with David.... David fell for Christine.... What will happen to Joe? Will Kenji confess? Who will David choose? Will Christine persist? ***** Okay, so now what? Who’s going to end up with whom? This is a story of joy and happiness of friendship and first love. Come join them as their hearts get dizzy with overwhelming happiness and knife-like piercing pain in this roller coaster of emotions. Which pair would you ship? ***** Credits to the couple's picture who inspired the cover.

Izavelle_Brielle · Teen
Not enough ratings

At 17

Hana is a hopeless romantic. She believes in love at first sight and sees the right man or her knight and shining armor someday. One day, Hana met Nadine, who recently moved in front of their house. Nadine's view about love is different from Hana's because love for her is a waste of time, but they eventually became best friends. Meanwhile, Prince and Jaden are popular with the girls. Prince is popular because of his looks but rejects girls who would confess to him. Prince is the childhood best friend of Nadine, who he likes, but couldn't confess his feelings to Nadine because of their promise. Jaden is popular with the girls because he is athletic. He is the childhood best friend of Hana. Girls would give an angry stare at Hana whenever they are together. Jaden developed a feeling for Nadine but is afraid to take risks. A story surrounding two pairs of childhood best friends. A story about love, life, and school. What will happen to the four of them? Will the four of them end up making a youthful love story?

Des_Ly · Teen
Not enough ratings