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Male Lead, I'm NOT the Female Lead!

Song Qiu plopped onto the ground pleading, "Big Brother, you recognized the wrong person!" Lu Zheng yelled fiercely, "Who's your big brother?" "Then...Big Sister?" asked Song Qiu tentatively. Lu Zheng's face darkened. "Who's related to you?!" "Then Master!" cried Song Qiu. "I don't have a such a stupid disciple like you!" roared Lu Zheng disdainfully. "Then what should I call you??" Lu Zheng curled the corners of his lips, looking especially cruel. "Boyfriend." Song Qiu transmigrated into a campus romance novel as a small villainous cannon fodder! But why did the male lead pick up the wrong script?! _____________________________________________ this novel is a part of a contest. if you like it, please vote with powerstones !! ʕ ˵ • ₒ • ˵ ʔ be sure to also check out my other novel, "Embracing the Villain's Thigh" https://www.webnovel.com/book/embracing-the-villain's-thigh_18730976305761305 synopsis of etvt: Others have the sun, but I have you. - Xu Wenqi transmigrated into a dog-blooded book as the villainess childhood sweetheart of the male lead! Offending the male lead, she made up her mind to hug the golden thighs of the villain to ensure her survival. However, the villain is cold, paranoid, and ruthless. No one knows how much of a burden he has to carry being schizophrenic. - _____________________________________________ The cover is not mine. I will take it down if any issues arise.

jenos_showerheads · Contemporary Romance

[paused] Nana, Me and Mari

renosastro · Romansa Kontemporer
Not enough ratings

Sweet as a Flower

His lips taste like flowers. Silky, soft, and sweet. I want to taste more. His clear pale skin is an empty canvas waiting to be touched. I paint my tongue across his neck, leaving a trail of saliva over his bruised body. I get drawn back to his lips, teasing and tempting my tongue at the entrance. I trespass into the abyss of his mouth, leaving no room to breathe. His legs shudder and he loses the will to stand on his own. I hear his unsteady heartbeat pound against mine. As I lean down to his ear, I gently tug at his earlobe and whisper into his ears. "I will fuck you until you can't stand."

thecatonthebridge · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings