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CALLIXUS ACADEMY: Captivated by the School Hearthrob

CALLIXUS ACADEMY: Captivated by the School Hearthrob

[BOOK CURRENTLY IN HAITUS] EXCERPT: "What are you Caleb?!" "Don't be scared of me Samantha, you know I won't hurt you right?" Caleb walked towards her but she stepped away. "Don't go near me!" she shouted. "Please Samantha, let me explain. This isn't what you think it is," he explained himself. Tears started to flow from his eyes. This was the day he wished that never came. The day when she knew his real self. His true face, his true nature. He was scared of her finding out that he was a werewolf. "I'm scared Caleb," she told him honestly. Her hands trembling due to the scene she just witnessed earlier. Tears didn't stop flowing from her eyes due to the shock she received. He slowly walked towards her, not wanting to frighten her further. When he reached her, he immediatley pulled her into a hug, "You don't have to be scared, I'm here Samantha," he comforted her. PS. I do not own the book cover picture and this book may contain R-18 scenes.

bbrightvcs · Fantasy Romance
The NEW HOT Dean is a werewolf!!

The NEW HOT Dean is a werewolf!!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that werewolves exist. I mean yes, I believe in reincarnation and second chances, BUT THAT'S AS FAR AS MY FANTASY WORLD CAN STRETCH!! ___________________________________ EXCEPT "so does it like hurt when you change, bones changing and all?" "..." "do you have a pack? wait do you have a mate? do you also have like those cliche huge packhouses in the woods? you look big, are you the alpha? can I be your mate?" "..." "wait are you a rogue?" "GET OUT!" ___________________________________

Creator84 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings