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99.9% Into You

An LGBTQ+ teenage light-hearted novel that is 99.9% all heart and 0.1% judgement. The Scrub and Shine Fine Club only has three members since the college students of Hawkridge University cannot take the new club seriously. Gan, Kaia, and Colette are forced to supervise the club in helping the ulitity and technical staff maintain the university's orderliness because they need the extra credits for their scholarship. Besides from the lack of members, the club is doing well due to the unbreakable friendship the three scholar freshmen has. But when Kaia slowly realizes that she wants Colette to be more than her best friend and when the popular teen model, Leaf Bastilleros, takes a liking on the president of the club, Gan, a heavier duty falls on their hands as they have no choice to not only clean the school, but also the lives of their schoolmates and most importantly, their scattered feelings. Just as Colette would say, "Scrub-off the pains of life and shine beyond what is holding you back. Everything will be fine." *********** Natingin sina Gan at Leaf ng mga liquid hand soap na ilalagay sa mga cr ng school. Kinuha ni Leaf ang isang liquid hand soap na may nakalagay na "Kills 99.9% of germs." Tinutok niya ito sa mukha ni Gan. "I'm 99.9% into you." Sabi ni Leaf. 99.9% Into You Season 1 **Since Webnovel does not allow pictures inside novels, you can view the character profiles of 99.9% Into You in the Wattpad link! https://my.w.tt/kCuLVQ7BC8

ReoTheAuthor ยท LGBT+
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