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World's Strongest Cameraman

World's Strongest Cameraman

With every legendary fight throughout history, there had always been a need for a witness to tell the tale. Some say that the one who is able to capture it is logically the strongest of them all. Be it the groundbreaking clashes of wrestling champions, the bloody debut of superheroes, breakouts at the most dangerous prison, a war between the National Treasure superhumans of two tyrannical governments, or a squabble between the two of the world's ten strongest superhumans, the world's strongest cameraman is always going to be there to stand witness. Not only for the content, or the fights, but also the occasional panty shots. Pethant Ouph was the laughing stock of the Cameraman's Association, and his life would be forever changed when he met the unassuming Jon Bo, the world's strongest cameraman. Is this the closest you can get to reading an anime? Maybe. The first two seasons will be completely free even if I am contracted! [Season 2 has just finished, and the work on Season 3 has already gone underway and will debut in one week! BINGE SEASON 1 AND 2 RIGHT NOW!] [Chat to me on discord: https://discord.gg/5AAyr5r] [This is a fast-paced story with wacky superpowers, one punch man like superhuman dynamics and just fun shit all around.] [Please comment, review and interact with me! I'd love to hear your thoughts!] [Thanks to the therealsamie_'s IG comment who gave me this ridiculous idea. Writing this for the contest, but had too many wacky ideas to stop there. THE STORY OF THE FIRST SAGA IS THERE, AND THERE WILL BE MORE SAGAS TO COME!]

SomeoneBad · Magical Realism