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As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills

When Jiang Ming woke up in a strange world, he learned he had obtained immortality. In the dangerous and ruthless world of cultivation, he was determined to carve his unique path. Taking advantage of his immortality, he vowed to learn forbidden skills that would normally eat away at the user’s life. As he continued on his path, Jiang Ming realized that with his forbidden skills, he could become the strongest.

Vast Sky Drizzle · Eastern
1223 Chs

My Cultivation Prowess Peaks after I Buried the Great Emperor's Corpse

Lin Wudao transmigrated and obtained an invincible system to bury corpses. So long as he buried the corpses of the powerful, he got to take over what they had or what they touched as his bonus. What was more, those items he stood to win were the enhanced versions. The minimum level was enhanced by ten times! “You’ve buried the corpse of Jiang Taichu the Great Emperor. Your cultivation prowess just increased by 10,000 years!” “You’ve buried the corpse of your fiancee, Jiang Qingxue. You get the essence of the immortal, which is enhanced by 100,000 times! It’s thus upgraded into the essence of harmony. You will become the Immortal Emperor after the extraction of it!” ...... Ever since he acquired this system, Lin Wudao had embarked on an invincible journey of advancing history and dominating the world.

Green Mountain Demon · Eastern
620 Chs

My Cards Originate From The Primordial Era

This is an era belonging to card makers. In this world, wild monsters roam, ancient realms revive everywhere, and ordinary people live in fear. Only card makers can protect themselves and others. Xu Wang transmigrated and became a high school student. During his awakening in the Card Source World, he successfully awakened the Primordial Mythology World. By simultaneously using the artifact cards [Tai Chi Diagram] + [Pangu Banner] + [Chaos Bell], with matching card attributes, he obtained the ultimate divine weapon, the Heaven-Opening Axe. By simultaneously using the character cards [Yunxiao] + [Qiongxiao] + [Bixiao], he activated the card bond [Three Fairy Maidens], and the Nine-Bend Yellow River witnessed the extinction of immortals and mortals. By simultaneously using the character cards [Bull Demon King] + [Dragon Demon King] + ... + [Yu Rong King] + [Monkey King], he activated the card bond [Seven Great Kings], granting the characters in this series the [Great King] status enhancement, causing chaos... From then on, slaying ancient gods and annihilating demons became a piece of cake.

Not Going To Bite · Eastern
Not enough ratings
40 Chs