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He Comes From Hell

He has a serious empathy disorder, a nearly psychopathic personality disorder, and slight alexithymia—the inability to identify and describe emotions experienced by one's self or others. He's just one step away from being a criminal. That's the psychiatrist's diagnosis of Rong Li. Some people have seen his hands covered in blood, some have seen him smoke while bullets are raining down on him, and others have seen him indifferently walking out of the fire, over dismembered limbs. These people all call Rong Li a devil. However, only Xu Tanxi has seen him stumbling around in the dark. She has seen his morning temper when getting out of bed. She has seen him f**k up, and she has seen him leaning on her shoulder and him asking her to kiss him. He says, "Yaoyao, if you like it, I can throw away the knife under my pillow and stay in Xiangyun Town for the rest of my life." He said, "Yaoyao, don't run away. If you don't put me on a leash, I'll go to hell." He grabs her hand and presses it to his chest. “It's rotten inside. Do you still want me?” Xu Tanxi is a well-brought up maiden from a wealthy family. She does not know how to say sweet nothings, so she wites a letter and stuffs it into a pouch she personally embroidered for him. "Having met a gentleman, what is there to be unhappy about?" Just like that, Sixth Master Rong, who no one can subdue, receives a pouch embroidered by a lady and even let the lady who has never touched any tattoo equipment tattoo a word above his heart.

Gu Nanxi · Contemporary Romance