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My Mate, My Omega, My Luna, My Best Friend’s Brother

Kyle is a gay omega. His dad abuses him because his mom died during his birth. His only salvation is finding a mate on his 16th birthday, in 6 days. His older brother (Kade) is the soon to be beta of his pack, and actually stands up for him. His brother's best friend, Jordan, is he soon to be alpha. Jordan has been given everything he wants in life, and is about to be given the alpha title. His father, the alpha of the Red Moon Pack, abuses his little mate constantly, as well as his mate's dad. Nobody knows that he has a mate, and nobody will know.... Until his mate's 16th birthday. Or will he tell someone? Will someone figure it out? What will happen when Kyle finds his mate? Will Jordan be rejected? Will Kyle finally be happy? Will Kyle and Jordan's past come back to haunt them or make them happy? And who are the mysterious Royal Twins that only want their mates? Will they do anything to get them? Started: 07-15-19 Finished: 08-22-20

nylaswereworld01 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings