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My Wealth System

=== WFP #27 Silver Winner === Plak! #50 JPY Added to your bank account! Wait, what? I can hit someone's butt in exchange for the money? What an efficient money-making system! Well... How about I'm abusing it and making myself into the richest woman in the world? That's me. Yuna Ariyasu. The girl with many sugar daddies covered my back. But you know, I need more money! I wonder if I can abuse it? === Note === Parental advisory is a must as this book may contain much profanity uncensored ahead. The cover made was not from me. If you have created this art or you know who created this. Feel free to tell me through Instagram (@wandiong) or discord (ManOfTurring#1996)

hartpeler ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings