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The Daily Life of the Demon Lord’s Butler

The Daily Life of the Demon Lord’s Butler

In the underworld realm, the young and olds, demons and men, they all harbor the same dream and romance since ancient times. And it is to become a head butler in service of one of the seven princes of hell, the lords of their kingdoms. The same goes for Gus— full name August Floyd. He, too, had dreamed of one day climbing the corporate ladder. Drown himself in the infinite luxuries, privileges, and honors of what the title would bestow. The only difference between Gus and the others was— he had finally achieved the dream that everyone would die to attain. However, all dreams and great ambitions come with a hefty price. The cost could entail— your employer being a shut-in otaku, your employer’s wife is hysteria prone, your employer’s daughter is a deadly prankster, and your employer’s son is overly-dependent and a crybaby. This is a story of a all-rounder butler, who despite his unfavorable work conditions, still strives to complete his tasks and challenges with three ‘P’s— Prim, Proper, and Perfect.

anohikara · Fantasy
Not enough ratings