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The CEO's Assistant (gxg)

The CEO's Assistant (gxg)

Shy, 24 year old ,Hina Tanaka has just been accepted as a assistant to the CEO at a very prestigious law firm. Hina has always had passion for becoming a lawyer but has never had the chance. Maybe working there could get her a good recommendation. Ahmya Ainu is the CEO of Dependable Defense Team or DDT. She has been the CEO for 1 and a half years now and she is serious business. She runs the company so well and the label CEO is permanently hers. The company feels so grateful to have Ahmya that they decide to give her, her own assistant. Ahmya doesn't want own at first but then gives in. What's the harm? Ahmya has one secret, that no one could ever know. Something that helps her run the DDT so well, something that could also get her fired and or killed. But she isn't one to mess with. **DISCLAIMER** SOME SWEARING AND SEXUAL SCENES. (gxg) (girl love)

Artsy_Crafter · LGBT+
Not enough ratings