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saha hotel groups-Risha saha is the only owner of the hotel chain. She never had any boyfriend, even if anyone asked her out she won't have a second glance of that person. And the most important thing in her life was to make their hotel chain one of the best one. Chakraborty hotel group's- Sourav chakraborty the only son of Mr.Sagar Chakraborty and the future hire of the hotel group's. He is freaking handsome and every girl wants to get his attention which is quite hard. both the hotel group's are rivals ,and both of them are trying hard to take over each others hotel either by hook or crook. What happens when Risha and sourav go against each other. Will they fall in love or will they destroy each other for business. "I said leave my hand, what have I done to make you treat me like this" I said, my voice full of terror. I am warning you for the last t.... ahhh ,what the heck are you doing. He closed the door as he pused me to the bed and trapped me under him. "let's see if you can run away from me now "he said as if he is going to eat me alive.

susmitashill ยท Contemporary Romance
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