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Sealed Lips

“I can’t breathe.” He is breathing heavily and shouting loudly, “Please! save me. I’m stuck in this closet.” While struggling he saw someone coming towards him and he is shocked to see that person, so he says, “How can you do this to me when we’re…...” Arguing with his mother regularly, a rude and arrogant high school boy (male protagonist) who had once stolen his classmate’s notebooks has become a cheater. He sighs, “She would never understand me just like before.” “Is there anyone in this world who could understand me?” He says while crying, “Even though, there is someone, for sure they aren’t supposed to be with me.” I want to tell you that this is not a love story at all! It’s just a story about a high school boy who is going through bullying and doesn’t tell others his problems including his mother.

Haroka213 · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Fragile Boy

Kasmri has lived all his life being hut by other people or being ignored by people. Until a stranger steps into his life,and turns his life from upside down to right side up Lyrin's life seems like it is perfect but there is a lot that hides below the surface. he struggles with those hidden things almost every day . Then he meets the Beautiful Kasmri, and rescues him from all the evil in this world

hexolo2436 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Novel: The Lie

What happens when you lie? You most likely get caught or something. Well that's one of Olivia Brown's biggest worries. She doesn't want to get caught. What if this lie just so happens to change her life for the better or for the worst? What happens when her friends get roped into it? Will they help her, will they give up and call her crazy for doing this or, will they give up on being her friend entirely? What if she's forced to give up? What if the truth gets out..? These are some of the biggest fears that Olivia has. How will she cope with going along with this lie, her studies, almost losing friends left and right, being bullied, and dealing with family? Will she fall apart from one little lie or will she be standing tall as the victor in the end?

Cloudy_Stars · Teen
Not enough ratings