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The Lazy Young Master

The Lazy Young Master

"I was born with broken meridians and was never able to cultivate. But i didn't give up, i started to master Alchemy, Formations and mechanisms. I had almost achieved my dream of becoming powerful, when i created an item that could grant me power. But when the various immortal powers came to know about this, they chased me and tried to steal my creation. I Zhang Li would not even surrender to heavens, how can i let those immortals tarnish my creation. I detonated the item and died along with it. But heavens are fair, they have given me another chance. I will live this life to the fullest and dominate the entire world. But first i need to sleep........." Follow the life of a lazy young master, as he takes over the world with his immense knowledge and lazyness

immortal_shaik · Fantasy
Mystic Clan

Mystic Clan

From an office worker to the strongest clan ancestor. Look how our protagonist Logan gets it. With the help of your system and that of your new family, you will reach unimaginable heights. In advance I apologize for the spelling mistakes. Or if there is something incomprehensible, I will try to take it with your notice.

Inolvidable · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings