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Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan

Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan

A man reborn in GOT and received the Corvinus Bloodline and the fate of the Lycan. Reborn in Stark House. A junction of the world and plot of Game of Thrones, with elements coming from elsewhere especially Underworld, however, the form and power of Lycan in this story will be new, new limits will be delimited. *First focus on the original creation of the Protagonist's background, only after this fact will it return to the plot of the Series. I'm Brazilian, my first language is Portuguese, be prepared for bad English. (Someone read this novel? yes? write something, please, thanks). *Para os falantes da lingua portuguesa, atualmente estou testando dois sites nos quais estou postando em português. Os sites seriam o Wattpad.com, procurem por meu Nick se tiverem interesse. E o outro seria o spiritfanfiction.com. *Insect of responsibility. The base story doesn't belong to me, it's just a fan-created by a fan. The only thing I have is my original characters and my idea.

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