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Epic tales of the Buddha and the Immortal.

Shakya is a silly and stupid young man who has zero talent in cultivating spiritual energy, and also can't understand things easily. His only talent is his ridiculously talented body refining, which in a world full of powerful immortals flying in swords, he is seen as a useless barbarian, for being big and muscular like a bear. Black skin, golden eyes like gold, muscular and tall body, white hair cut in Mohican, Shakya is a big bear, strong and gentle. Mo Yichuan, is a sword prodigy, with high IQ and EQ, maximum understanding of abilities, and thanks to his immortal beauty, since childhood suffered abuse, and human stinginess. Growing up, behind the facade of the perfect immortal sword, hid a cruel and merciless demon lord who treated life like a chicken ready for slaughter. But everything changed, when a silly bear at the lowest point of his life, sees for the first time the beautiful immortal of the lonely sword, and made him the inspiration for his life, to continue living. Certain immortal sword lived robotically, until a ray of sunshine came into his life, measuring 2, 50 in height, muscular and with a radiant smile, and eyes full of love and admiration while looking at him, and as the years passed, the immortal fell from the pedestal and his heart of ice melted. OBS: I come here to give some warnings, before the complaints come to me. I am not fluent in English, and I use the DEEPL translator to translate from Portuguese into English. 2. I can't stay every moment to check if a pronoun is him or her, so I'll do my best to try to fix it if it happens, if it doesn't, have patience, or you can go. I am writing to really have fun. 3rd This novel is YAOI, BL, BOYXBOY, so be warned that if you don't like it, you can leave. As for those of you who find out about the genre of the novel, and still wasting my time with boring and offensive comments, I am happy to say that I will delete any comments I find of this kind. Finally, I hope you enjoy the story.

Tyller_Yang ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings