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The Sea Witch

The Sea Witch

Lavender Jade is the Protector of The Sea Witch, the flagship vessel of The Jade Crusaders Guild. A tomboy half elf, who relies on a blade and pistol to get by in life, when every other flash bastard is throwing magic around. Brought up by rough sailors, and even rougher mercenaries, her romantic prospects are pretty much zero… so why the hell has she suddenly become so popular?! Join her on the high seas, as she sets sail on a journey of shadows and intrigue, stolen gems and corrupted gods, and you never know she might even get lucky and get a boyfriend, in between assassination attempts!! Author's Note: The full story introduction can be found in Chapter 0 - Who Am I?! This is a tale of intrigue set in a fantasy world, with a romance sub-plot (a slow burn one, I'm afraid I'm very fond of UST). You will find swearing, fighting, and eventually some kissing & naughty stuff will happen, but nothing that is likely to bother an older teen, they've probably seen worse on TV anyway!! Hopefully this story has something for everyone, and is aimed at both a male & female audience, however as mentioned before it is not really suitable for anyone under 16.

LadyFlame · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings