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Broken Hope (bxb)

Broken Hope (bxb)

The first book in the "Hope" series. Brett Pierce is no ordinary guy. He's carefree and has a loving nature, especially when it comes to people who hate him. At the age of thirteen, he figured out that he was gay. Now, unlike most, he spread it all over his school. He fights back when picked on, and does anything he wants to do without letting someone get in his way. The one thing Brett wants though is love. And fate brought it for him. Jeremiah Hunt is a loner with barely any friends, and he likes that. He'd rather stay alone, then have someone he cares about end up getting hurt. He doesn't rely on anyone, not even when his father starts beating him. He'd rather take his punishment, then letting his father hurt his younger sister Tracy. When Jeremiah meets Brett, Jeremiah thinks of him as an annoying person who will not leave him alone. Will Brett be Jeremiah's light at the end of the tunnel? And save him from being killed by his own father? Or will Jeremiah continue having broken hope for the future?

Leafstar15 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings