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Healing Mr. Brown

Healing Mr. Brown

Martha Gale has never been serious about any relationship in her entire life. The only serious and long-lasting relationship she has is with her best friend, Alicia Evans. Allan Brown was the kind of man who every woman wants but never gets. He has a habit of pushing people away, a bit promiscuous but a man of his words. The only person he is close to is his childhood friend and business partner, Jordan Sykes. Martha and Allan met. She was 23, he was 26. They felt a 'Spark'. But things didn't turn out in their favour. Let's just say it wasn't the right time for them. 5 years later they meet again at their best friends, Alicia and Jordan's wedding. Call it fate or just a coincidence. But this time, the spark is filled with too much sexual tension. They still feel the spark. But Allan, like every other girl pushes, her away as well. He has a secret that Martha is fully determined to dig out. She isn't just any other woman, is she? "He is broken beyond repair." Jordan says. But no one is truly beyond repair, it just takes the right person, to fix them.

ShreyaSengupta29 · Romance
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