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Beyond the Hill

Everyone hides the strange things that happen in the small town. Things disappear, the radios stop working. And no signal on cell phones. It was not overnight that the local population got lost in the "everyone knew" superstition. The weather conditions there seem to be ignored. I'll tell you a secret. The small town of 1500 inhabitants was founded by a group of witches who fled the Inquisition. And nobody likes to comment on the mysterious disappearances that happen there after dark falls. The forest beyond the hill is home to an ancient evil. Richard Walker is one of the most desirable singles in the area. Son of the mayor, he has no idea that his father will be able to do anything to keep him from Jaqueline Handall because of a great secret from the past. Everything changes when a choir is found in the vicinity of the oak forest. When he finishes medical school, all he wants is to win the girl of his dreams. Jack only thinks about selling the old family house after the unexpected death of his parents. It will emerge in your life bringing mysteries that will take you beyond all limits in a supernatural world as you struggle to escape seductive promises and hideous temptations. Tasting mode Contains explicit sex scenes. mature literature

Kassuim_Cassie ยท Horror&Thriller
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