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Her Dreamz

Being an undergraduate, A seventeen year old Taslimah yunus had the dreams any girl her age would have. Finishing school, A memorable graduation, Serving, Getting a Job and most importantly getting married to her dream guy in her dream wedding. But her dreams soon came crushing when her father asked her to get married to his friend's son who happens to be her childhood friend. Saved by her mother's plan, Taslimah escaped her father's plan for her Future in search for a better life. Will her dreams be dreams? Her hopes be hopes? Or Allah has a better plan for her? Join Taslimah in her journey to find a better life in 'Her Dreams' °~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~° You are getting married to Salim... You are getting married to Salim. The words kept echoing in my mind, he couldn't possibly mean it. He most definitely would be joking, I concluded not wanting to think deeper. I chuckled at the thought of it being a joke. "Abu you are joking right?" I smiled. However, the expression on his face was enough to tell me that it was nothing close a joke. "Do I look like I'm joking?" He gritted through his teeth. "How can you not be? You couldn't possibly mean what you just said." I scoffed, my voice dropping to a whisper. How can such a horrible thought cross his mind. "Turns out I'm not." He replied with the same tone. My shoulders slumped as the meaning of his words became clearer. I glanced at Umm, She still hasn't raised her head from her hand.

Ayo_bamii · Teen
Not enough ratings