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VRMMO: The Returnee

VRMMO: The Returnee

Lu Fei, a debt ridden orphan who struggles through his daily life. His only wish is to provide a good life to his sister. With the threats of the loan sharks knocking on his door, he sets out to try his luck in the VR game called 'Ark'. With a dark past as a returner and Ian has his alias, he fights in Ark for a better future for his sister. Will he be able to reach the top? What will happen when he suddenly got a mysterious class and he can hear the voices of spirits? * * * This novel is inspired by novels like LMS, OG, EOSP, Praise the orc etc. Join the discord: https://discord.gg/F9xfJWv

Killerbee · Video Games
She Just Won't

She Just Won't

It was all a mistake that caused him to lose the most important person in his life changing everything important to him. Can he revert back to what it used to? Can he recover what was lost? He's willing to do everything but she just won't

haneaa · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings