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Running Away from the Main Lead

Running Away from the Main Lead

Wei Guiyin was an otaku of bad endings. If she liked a novel, manga, or anime she would write a fanfiction in which she would mess up all the original plot until it became totally unrecognizable, but she still had a lot of fans/haters that read all her jobs even though they knew that their beloved characters would suffer untold obstacles only to die in a worse manner. One day Wei Guiyin woke up with a clear mind and ready to write another bad ending when out of nowhere a baseball broke her window and hit her on the head causing her death. When she woke up she was already bonded to a mysterious system that fell in love with her writing. Mysterious system: [Host, congratulations! Now you can mess as many worlds as you want with my help] Wei Guiyin: "...I am pretty sure I did not ask for it" ML: "Wife you can destroy as much as you want, but you cannot be away from my sight" Wei Guiyin: "AND I AM PRETTY SURE I DIDN'T ASK FOR A STICKY ML EITHER!"

XiaoYuFu · Romance