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Starting life in another world

Starting life in another world

This is just fanfic I'm very lazy to write something like a disclaimer or anything like that so I will just leave a word here "if you're the owner of the original story and doesn't like my story please tell me" Synopsis: "A sick boy felt brokenhearted and died. That's not the end because he will go to another world!" That's your synopsis boy! And this story is free so I just use Grammarly Application to assist me so if you can't accept my bad grammar please leave as fast as possible because I will not responsible for your brain cells that get burn by reading my book. Pat reon. com/FallenCat

FallenCat · Anime & Comics
Path of the End

Path of the End

A beast woke up in a dark place that seemed to have no end, just then a man appeared. "Hello lost one"

Krisavq · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings