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Wounded and Bounded

Cressida, a girl with a goddess like face and body, perfect grades and with a promising future, and to add a little more honey, got magic manipulation powers which are unknown to her, will face an incident which will bring a great turn in her life. Will make a predictable future turn into an unpredictable one. All the kids with magic manipulation powers when encounter same incident, will be thrown into a mysterious academy; one which promises to guide them to the right path and help them learn how to use their powers but what makes their lives more astounding will be the secrets that will keep unfolding, thanks to Cressida and her two more friends; Eleanor (the sarcastic, funny and amiable fellow) and Damien (the helpful boy). Who knew, one step will lead to unexpected turns which will bring tears and sorrow in the group's life. Moreover, the mysteries that will unravel the powers of Cressida, they will make her life even more miserable. Will she be able to handle the heat, Surprises and be able to beat her mysterious enemies? Follow the adventure of Cressida with her friends to have fun at an amazing ride of bunch of genres, all at once! Love, EemanKrystal525

KrystalEeman525 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings