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Puppy love .

A litter of puppies are born but one is different , after being adopted by a boy named Jake , strange things start to happen. (this was never supposed to be a real story , it was supposed to be practice but I dicided to post it. it's short but it's helping me with my long long story I'm posting).

RimixkItty · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The broken ghost

William Rios and Alyssa Barron are destined for something greater than themselves, something a man fears what they could become, but it’s not what they want, stuck in war and their eventual deaths, they become more than human, a simulacra, a copy of what they were but made to be pawns of a greater problem than themselves. This Story focuses on the idea of simulacra, and was based heavily of many sci fi movies and video games

A_dude_who_writes · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings